Who we are

PCAG Student Board:

Jordan Kalosieh – President

– Vice President

– Secretary

– Treasurer

– Social Chair

Yasien Eltigani – IT Chair

PCAG Student Organization Members:

Abe Ali

Sumeet Aujla

Joshua Haimi

Amit Mehta

Leah Merkel

Gracie Pio

Kishan Rao

Robert Shaffer

Tanner Storozuk

Tracy StuardiA

Vikram Sumbly

Ariana Tiber

Brandi Volkers

Judy Wong

PCAG Faculty Board + Members

Spokesperson Dr. Kathy Yearwood (kyearwood@sgu.edu)

Spokesperson Dr. Bert Brathwaite (bbrathwaite@sgu.edu)

UK Palliative Care Consultant Dr. Gerard Corcoran (gcorcoran@sky.com)

USA Palliative Care Consultant Dr. Tita Castor (castort@nychhc.org)

Bioethics Dr. Cheryl Cox Macpherson (ccox@sgu.edu)

GMA Liaison Dr. Gabrielle Walcott-Bedeau (gwalcott@sgu.edu)

Pharmacotherapy Dr. Lucy Clunes (lclunes@sgu.edu)

Clinical Pastoral Care Rev. Dr. R. Osbert James (rosbertjames@gmail.com)

Community Nurse Liaison – vacant

Community Pharmacy Liaison –vacant

Charitable Organization Liaison Josh Carlson SOM (jcarlso1@sgu.edu)

Charitable Organization Liaison Tommy Martin SOM (tmartin1@sgu.edu)

Secretary Dr. Mark Clunes (mclunes@sgu.edu)This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.